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Salty Bites

Salted basket, Jelly, Cheese baskets, Meat balls, Salty, Mushroom in marinade, Stuffed eggs, Stuffed eggs with ham, Click here for more ...

Salty Rolls & Cakes

Paprika cake, Salty cake, Domino boxes, Spinach rolls, Rolls with russian salad, Rolls with mushrooms, Paprika rolls, Poppy rolls, Click here for more ...

Pies & Bake Rolls

Cabbage pie, Potato pie, Aubergene pie, Mushroom pie, Leek pie, Cheese pie, Spinach pie, Swedish pie, Click here for more ...


Sandwiches with ham for kids, Sandwiches with pecenica for kids, Kanape, Kanape creckers, Kanape salads, Mini sandwich, Sandwich meal with ham, Sandwich meal with pecenica, Click here for more ...

Fasting Food

fish filette, Mixed fish, Mini fish burger, Oven cooked beans, Stuffed dried paprika, Sarma, Fasting sarma with vegetables, Brodette, Click here for more ...


Biscuits, Fast biscuits, Cakes, Wheat, Wheat balls, ''slava'' cake, Strudel with poppy, Strudel with walnut, Click here for more ...


Chicken salad, Beef salad, Cheese and paprika salad, Ham & olives salad, Scampi salad, ''tousy'' salad, Alsace salad, Metropol salad, Click here for more ...


Pork grill, Lamb grill, Mixed grille, Veal rolls, Chicken rolls, Turkey-meat rolls, Ground beef rolls, Chicken meat with sesame, Click here for more ...

The Best Selling

Paprika cake

paprika, cheese, ham, garlic

Rolls with russian salad

ham, eggs, peas, mayonnaise

Cheese pie

Kanapei lux

baget, sweet cream, caviar, salmon (minimum 25 pcs)


We are preparing, serving and getting of salty and sweaty food for all your important dates.


Please, place orders 3-5 days earlier. Minimal amount for delivery at Your address is 5 kg.


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