Fasting Food

38 Results

Salted basket

empty filled with salad of your own choice

Mini pizza with vegetables

seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, soft cheese

Mixed fish


fish in tomato sauce

Mini pizza with tuna

mushrooms, tuna, olives ketchup

Stuffed tomatoes

cheese, sweet basil

Russian salad

tuna, peas, carrots, pickled gherkins

Tuna salad

tuna, carrots, fast mayonnaise, parsley

Mushroom salad

mushrooms, fast mayonnaise, cucumber, spices

Waldorf salad

celery, cooking apples,walnuts, fast mayonnaize

Savoy salad with olives

savoy, olives, pickled gherkings,walnuts

Cabbage and soybeans salad

cabbage, soya-beans, sunflower seeds, dressing

Maize salad

lettuce, sweet corn, dressing

Carolina salad

tuna, mushrooms in marinade, rice

Spring salad

tomatoes, radish, leek, pickled gherkins

Potato salad

potato, onion, tuna

Sweet maize and vegetables salad

sweet corn, tomato, paprika, onion

Pasta & olives

pasta, tuna, olives, ketchup

Cheese rolls

mushrooms, tuna

Potato pie

Leek pie

Hake balls

hake, potatoes, onion

Tuna bites

cracker, tuna (minimum 20 pcs)


small potatoes, herbal caciocavalo

Kanape with vegetables

baget, paste, vegetables

Kanape with salads

baget, salads

Filled cornets

pastry, patte with vegetables and sardines

Orly catfish

catfish fillet